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We specialize in making websites ADA compliant

ADA Compliant Coding

Whether its writing new code or editing what's already there, our expert coders can make the changes for your website to get it ADA compliant and working for you and your clients.

ADA Website Auditing

Need to be sure your website will pass stringent ADA website auditing? Our team of coders can review your code and pages to identify what changes are needed, and advise how they are to be put in place.

ADA Compliance Consulting

Working with you to identify what changes are needed and why; our ADA compliance consulting service helps ensure your website complies with best practice

Head and Shoulder photo of Nick Toombs

I attended one of Scott's open courses on website design and being a self employed Management Development Consultant having an expert like Scott to help solve a number of website issues that I had experienced in the past was invaluable. He has a natural talent for connecting with his clients and he made the process of learning new IT skills enjoyable and fun. I would recommend Scott to anyone who is looking to improve their knowledge of website set up and design.

Nick Toombs: Management Development Consultant at Nick Toombs Consultancy

Head and Shoulders Portrait photo of Paula Tatchell AIRP

Scott is a credible expert in his field who engages his audience by delivering information in a clear & understandable manner. We have chatted on a number of occasions; Scott truly is a knowledgeable guy when it comes to Websites, E-Commerce & all things I.T - I thoroughly recommend Scott & all.

Paula Tatchell AIRP: National Business Manager at Spun Candy- Executive Recruiter & Owner of Sturnwood Recruitment & Morgan Ortega

Professional Photo Yvette Dubel

During the time of our acquaintance I've made dozens of referrals because he and his talented team are among the first I'd recommend. I am always looking for opportunities to collaborate with him and his team on projects.

Yvette Dubel: Business Growth Strategist, Brand Risk Management Innovator, Master Solutions Finder, & Artist-Researcher

News and Advice for ADA Compliance

ADA compliance tips and advice from the experts

Why Comply To WCAG 2.0 Accessibility
21st August 2016  No Comments

Why Comply To WCAG 2.0 Accessibility

Being a public website now means that you have to be accessible to all users, even if you are not a government organization. In the past, only government and federal websites needed to be in compliance with Section 508. Section 508 is a set of rules and regulations that websites need to follow to make […]

Website Accessibility Checklist
14th July 2016  No Comments

Website Accessibility Checklist

Creating a user-friendly and accessible website or application is crucial nowadays. Whether your website is related to your business and the products and services you offer, or it is simply informational and you want to attract as many people to it as possible, it has to be accessible. There are numerous things developers and website […]

What is Web Accessibility for Websites?
24th June 2016  No Comments

What is Web Accessibility for Websites?

There is a common fallacy about the term “web accessibility”.  The term is usually associated directly and exclusively with people suffering from disability and the distinct environment, whereas in terms of building a website they commonly refer to it as providing the people with disability with access to the web.  This is not entirely wrong but […]