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Website Accessibility Checklist

Website Accessibility Checklist

Website Accessibility Checklist

Creating a user-friendly and accessible website or application is crucial nowadays. Whether your website is related to your business and the products and services you offer, or it is simply informational and you want to attract as many people to it as possible, it has to be accessible. There are numerous things developers and website owners must take into thorough consideration, in order to identify and address any accessibility issues a website they are working on may have. This website accessibility guide contains a comprehensive website accessibility checklist that can provide an invaluable assistance to any developer and website owner.


Website Accessibility Checklist; The Right Level of Conformance

There are three main groups of issues that compose the website accessibility checklist. The first group addresses critical and essential issues that can make your website inaccessible and may drive off users from it. The second group is about issues that could lead to problems, decrease accessibility and frustrate some users, while the third one consists of minor issues that could frustrate only a few users of your website. Note that although the second and third groups are less critical than the first one, addressing them is a must if you want your website to be Section 508 compliant. And what 508 compliance means, is that your website is accessible by all users, even those with a certain disability. By having a 508 compliant website, you will meet almost all WCAG 2.0 accessibility Level AA criteria.


 Group A

Group A contains only the most critical issues that you should deal with at all costs. You have to ensure your website is keyboard accessible and has no keyboard traps. Explicit labels are a must for all form inputs, and every relevant image has to use an img tag and have alt attributes. In addition, multimedia has to be tagged with appropriate audio description and captioning, while all text has to have enough color contrast.


Group B

Group B contains less critical but nevertheless important issues. Your website must always be visible when using the keyboard to move through the page, you have to order the tabs in a logical way and code the properly with header and column attributes. Headings should also be nested in a logical way, and last, but not least, you must ensure that your website does not timeout unexpectedly.


Group C

The last group of the website accessibility checklist is C. To ensure the complete Level AA WCAG 2.0 accessibility of your website, you have to name all frames, set the language for the page, and make sure that all links are contextual and can be understood taken alone. In addition, if your site has flashing elements, they should do so at a rate of 3 Hz or less, your page titles should be descriptive, and all required plugins should be linked on the page.

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